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SEO campaigns are the real sales drivers for today’s organizations. With over 100 different parameters to tweak and tune, SEO needs to be performed with the utmost diligence and know-how.

Companies with a sharp focus on the future are looking at their SEO campaigns from a fresh and in-depth perspective. The writing is clear on the wall – stay focussed or you’re out of the race.

With so many companies competing for a few top positions, search engine optimization has become an extremely competitive space.

India Designers has proven expertise in SEO and the overall digital marketing space.

Advantage India Designers

Years of Experience and Expertise

We have extensive experience with search engine optimization and have built our name in serving our clients with great projects and professional working experience.

We are expert at what we do and pride ourselves in our highly qualified, skilled and experienced team.

No compromise, No shortcuts

India Designers ensures your website is seen by your customers and they keep coming back again and again. We work using a very successful and proven process.

We do not believe in shortcuts and create a lasting value for our clients.

The SEO Process

We carry out a detailed technical and structural audit of your website. The audit report details insufficiencies in meta descriptions, trust schema markup, keyword strategy, user experience, site architecture, load time, mobile optimization, internal link structure and broken links.

Once the anomalies are identified, we fix them following the best standards laid down by industry experts.

The process of auditing and fixing is done until your site gets ranked on search engines.

The length and frequency of procedure are decided by the competitiveness of your keywords and industry as a whole.

Complete Digital Marketing Spectrum

Social Media Management

We create the buzz, interact with your audience and create a positive image of yours. As a result, you outshine the competition and emerge victoriously.

Pay Per Clicks Ads

While SEO is for long-term gains, managed Pay Per Clicks advertising campaigns gives the much-needed propulsion to your sales teams.

Content Marketing

We have a tried and tested content marketing model that works in tandem with SEO and social media management campaigns. The power of these three pillars is such that you end up becoming an authority in your industry. With the true power to take your initiatives to the next level, content marketing is what real marketing is all about.

Digital Marketing Process

We have an effective and successful process built and improved over years of experience with hundreds of diverse projects. We try to keep our work transparent and quantitative for clear communication and updates to our clients and to meet their plans for their ventures.


  • Comprehensive Audit of all web properties
  • Startegic plan to fix anomalies found in audit
  • Set achievable targets for traffic and lead generation
  • Periodic audits to incorporate changing trends and algorithms
  • Track, report and improvise

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